The Wasp Knife

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As if it weren't enough just to stab someone, now you can stab them, freeze their internal organs, and blow them apart, at the same time. It seems like a little bit overkill to me and don't really see a viable use for it. It sure does make short work of slicing melons though. Keep this thing away from Brits!


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Watermelons suck cock.


Watermelons must be killed on sight.

its actually for diving. if you see a shark coming to attack you (yeah right) then you can blast it with this thing.


I'm English and would have no problem carrying one, WHY because you are screwed ether way you cannot even legally defend yourself in this shit country (UK). The law makers would rather have a dead victim than someone defending themselves legal or not. A very sad and unsafe place to live. God bless the USA.

...just imagine trying to explain this thing to a jury in a truly legal self defence situation.