This is Why We Carry

7 min 31 sec

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If you have ever asked someone why they feel the need to carry a gun, then this video is for you. It's an oldie but always gets my heart pumping when I watch it. Imagine if this guy didn't have a gun and pulled into his driveway with these nuts with baseball bats behind them.


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I must add this to my blog. If you don't want me to, please let me know.

wow canadian rednecks HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

This has been around for a few years and they admitted they are friends and did the video for fun.

i bet the stupid arse eyes got big as dinner plates when they saw the gun LMAO

I say its fake.... any real CCw would have called the cops first because in the end Mr BMW committed a few felonies

I love how those red neck punks got owned, only I would have done a bit more damage to their truck.


That is a wonderful film,and I want to thank the jerkoff that had the stupidity to film his actions for a wonderful "fistful of magnum" ,LOL,LOL,LOL,LOL.

Looks pretty fake to me.


more a testament to the types of arsehole in america than the usefuleness of guns. even as a stunt, it's pretty poor to show as a deterrent. why not just remove the redencks?

Too bad the guy with the gun was just as brainless as the other two. He not only contreibuted to the road rage, but then became an ARMED THIEF when he took the camera. Whoever made this film doesn't make any points for concealed carry..

Yeah I was kind of wondering about the Canadian lingo in this. But on the other hand I have been in a similar situation No one got shot. I don't usually carry mine with me. One day I did. The point of the video is valid though. Fake or not. The situation can happen. But without some training and a little rational thought, it can go bad for everyone if they aren't careful. You know?

for some reason i really think this might be fake unfortunately i really hope its not tho, but th shit these guys say seems kinda scripted

Anyone else smell bullshit? Next time get better actors "eh".

Shoot there tires!

If those assholes followed me, i'd shoot them in the nuts so they couldnt inbreed anymore.

Yeah that was quite funny

if you think this video is real your a tard

who cares if its fake, proves a point right?

this video was a fake. it was first posted on where the makers told us it was fake. not too many redneck hillbillies in canada...