50cal Hunting trip!

1 min 10 sec

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Not sure what they are shooting at but they are hitting it. Not for the squeamish, its a bit chunky.


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That's not a field the little critters are terrorizing....
Yeah, the little rockchucks are a real threat to the cattle who graze on steep rocky slopes. I'd like to see a cow get her ass up there.
It is a nice chunky video though. The RMVH vid is like a "greatest hits", pardon the pun.
I'm a vegetarian who doesn't eat meat or kill animals for sport, but if I was hungry I'd sure as shit smoke some cute little squirrels and eat 'em. I don't understand trophy hunting though, it seems like some kind of dick sizing. I don't see a field of cattle being protected here either. But dude is right about the populations exploding, since humans killed off their natural predators a long time ago.
Whether I believe it's right or not to kill animals that aren't bothering you, I STILL SUPPORT **YOUR** RIGHT TO HUNT AND KILL SHIT. It's all about freedom and respecting people who are different than yourself.
Besides, I have a terrier-based dog who kills small game all the time, so I'd be a hypocrite if I had a problem with hunters.
One more vegetarian comment about you chuck-killers though: you've OBVIOUSLY never been threatened by a pissed-off 200-pound rutebega. :-)

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

All of you who say poor animals, shovel another bit of steak in your mouth and shut the HECK up! Be glad you didn't have to kill it yourself or you'd starve to death!

How easy it is to find and remove problems. Great job and keep it up. Do not give your life for your country, Let them give their lives for the terror groups.
Not my quote.

how would you like to be on the receiving end of that bullet

killing just for fun is just stupid.

it is called varmint hunting, they do more damage than anything to fields. And if there populations are not culled then they would explode in numbers, so in stead they just explode.

If it were people being shot then there bodys are flying 30+ feet in the air, sorry doesn't happen, no with a 50bmg, the hydroshock might blow something off, bt not like that people.

They are Rockchucks, just look at this video clip from the Rocky Mountain Varmint Hunter website http://www.rmvh.com/Movies/ChucksShort3.wmv especially the last one is the clearest that is in both videos

Ignorance is bliss. 'nuff said.

its an extract from a USMC video demonstrating Marine Corps snipers engaging Afgani snipers. But if it makes every one frrl better, keep thinking they are animals.

Silly noob- they don't make humans that small! Besides, its way to green for 'stan anything up in those rocks.

You can see the head fliying to the left in shot three

no, they are not shooting people.

They're shooting humans just like Phish sang that cover of "Gin and Juice" that everybody and their mother's uncle downloaded in about 2001... these things are pretty easy to mis-label. I have to add that I'm not a big fan of these videos... it's impressive, but I think it gives varmint hunting a bad name with people who already don't like hunting.

This is a vidclip from "Varmint Safari" of a rock chuck getting shot at long range with a small caliber flat shooting varmint rifle. you can buy the Varmint videos. Mike and John have 3 different vids for sale now of some great varmint hunts. It has nothing to do with the 50BMG.

that is definitely an arm that goes flying in the next to last shot!


This is getting way to old...ITS NOT A .50 AND IT'S NOT HUMANS!

I may be wrong about this, but I'm almost sure that I saw this same video labeled as being taken by Marines using the military's newest .50 cal sniper. If this is true, they're shooting at human terrorists in Afghanistan.

they are shooting humans...