4lbs of Tannerite vs. Geo Metro

2 min

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4lbs of Tannerite suspended inside of a Geo Metro. Seeing that the Geo Metro is an extremely fast car, it should be able to escape. Needless to say the Geo goes Splode!


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no dude, its VERY VERY stable. im not being sarcastic either.

mixing that crap would make me nervous.

ok so what was used a a detonator?

The second camera angle was close

If I owned a GEO Metro, that's exactly what I would do with it also!

THAT LOOKS LIKE FUN!!!!! hahahaa

lol xD

Nice Explosions


friggin rednecks

fucking rednecks

Wat is dat voor een sjit

zeker vetja


grappig maar wel hues

nice i love dat a nice cabrio

First by I m s lars s