The AS-50 Anti Material Rifle

2 min 37 sec

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Another Future Weapons clip covering the AS-50 anti material rifle. The Brits have outdone themselves with this beast, watch it in action.


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Heh, he certainly did say incinerary. Whups.

The unfortunate thing is that that steel isn't particularly thick. I've punched holes in a 5/8" plate with an M44 with no problem at all before, I'd almost put money that it could penetrate one of those, if not both.

I think he said incindairy

but yeah, this guy needs to stop being such a dramatic douchebag

superb, recoiless, no barrel upward movement

Don't be so old

I would much rather take a shot with a .308 than a .50 at 600 yards but I don't know maybe im just to practical to want to carry around a 40lb gun.

yeah hahah fuckin idiot

personally, i think this guy is a douche

HAHAHAHA Did he say, "incinerrarry"?

sounded like that to me too, cracked me up.