Barrett M107 .50 Caliber sniper rifle

3 min 48 sec

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Awsome weapon! This is a clip from the show Future Weapons. Some times the host is a little over the top and cheesey but who said that navy seals can act anyway sheesh.


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.308 is same as the AK round. I have fired both, and they will both fire out of the AK. It's kinda like the whole "You can shoot a .38 round out of a .357 mag thing".
As far as bolt pull, I think he was talking about the old rifles that had the springfield chambering, they where a little more rough.

7.62 or .308?
Isn't this just the metric and imperial designation of the calibre? (ie, the circumference or how round the bullet is?)
And did the host REALLY say "stealth rifle"!!??
No wonder he looks like he's smoking pole in the picture that lists this clip.
Waaaay over the top and TOTALLY in love with himself. I've seen a few of the clips with him and think he's an absolute tool. Maybe coz i'm jealous of all the cool shit he gets to do/shoot/blow up :p

yes he just said that the .308 went into the AK. but for an ex SF man youd think he knew (as another Sploder mentioned) that the 7.62x39 is the AK round not the .308, which is a 7.62x51...sounds like there aint much differance but try swoppin the ammo and you'll see what happens

762x39 is the common round for the ak47
the bigger issue i see here is that it is damn hard to get 10 rounds out of the barrett in less than 10 seconds. how would i know? well i own one. also an M2HB and a bolt action 50 as well. the recovery time after each shot is pretty long. worth it, but it is long. for one to accurately shoot 10 rounds in 10 seconds the much put thousands of rounds through that bastard. i have shot barretts quite a bit, probably close to 5-600 rounds easily between mine and a friends, and it still takes me time to recover for a safe second shot.

I don't think the host is referring to a standard bolt action rifle. Some rifles require the bolt to be completely removed from the reciever to load the round. I think it's the McMillan TAC-50 in this video, but at around 2:03 you can see what I'm talking about.

The 15 to 20 seconds is probably for a muzzle loader version perhaps. lol.

Read this on the internet. Give google a try!
Typically you can shoot a .308 in a 7.62x51. NATO mil spec is 7.62.51 (brass is a bit thicker in it too). You do not really want to regularly shoot 7.62x51 in a .308 winchester due to possible higher pressures. Ak's typically do 7.62.39. The 7.62x51/.308 is actually .308 diameter while 7.62x39 is actually .311. Just a bit different. [don't forget that .308/7.62x51 bullet weight is usually between around 150 and 180 grains while 7.62x39 weighs in around 120-130 grains.]

The first poster was correct in that regard that US/NATO uses 7.62x51[ours] and ak-47 uses 7.62x39. The interesting part is that some versions of variant ak-47 designs can shoot 5.56/.223 and .308/7.62x51. Ak-74 can do 5.45x39 which some think is soviet version of 5.56 improved ;)

Only the military or millionaires can afford to shoot the 50bmg! About $2USD if you buy thousands or $4 to $6USD each in small quantities. Barrett m107 is probably >$7000USD.

Nice sniper rifle, but....15 to 20 seconds to work a bolt action? Anyone who takes that long deserves to get shot :D


.308 cal is the same f-ing thing as the 7.62mm round. Too bad you don't know what you're talking about. I've fired .308 from an AK-47. Have you? Prob not.

.308 in an ak-47 ? I don't think so. Try 7.62x39. .308 is ours!