The Fastest Reload In The West

24 sec

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Travis Tomasie, competition IPSC shooter, can reload faster than anyone I've ever seen. He is not going to lose any time points thats for sure.


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WORLD I.P.S.C CHAMPION so he is fast I.P.S.C I.D.P.A LOVE EM BOTH if you shoot pistols give them a try great adrenaline sports.

Real men shoot IDPA, LOL. I agree. I'm amazed at how fast that reload is, but I wonder if he could do it without that huge mage well addition. Still, dang fast. It would be a better video if it was on the range and we could see how fast (and how well) he places his next shot. I bet he could do it, but it would still be great to see.

He forgot to cycle the slide...

thats damn fast! how well can he do it while he is on the receiving end of fire?

Damn! that Was SLOwww.. SO lame.. i can do that 10x faster Travis "TURTLE" boy...

Real men shoot IDPA.

I wonder is thta helps in bed with da ladies.

holy shit thats fast

Herr Gott.