.50 Caliber Ricochet to the Dome!

42 sec

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This iron plate the guy is shooting at fires one back at him. Scarey stuff, but cool sound.


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Great to see such a "one in a million" shot caught on tape! May serve to wise a few shooters up to the possible things that can happen once you drop the sear.Iron plate!,-can be like a freakin mirror to a bullet.

.50 cal sniper rifle:
7420 USD
.50 cal bullet:
Listening to the bullet coming back like a boomerang mixed with a cannonball:

PS. good thing the guy will live to tell about how he shot himself in the head with a .50, most people fail to survive such encounters.

vrey nice coll

nice one

HAhahahahahaha Wow!

only a dumbass american would fire at a iron plate, fucking idiots

Iron plate, 1. Man 1. It's all tied up.

Good one

WOW this man is the luckest man alive. I've seen what a 50 can do to a human head...

God certainly loved him.

Know your weapons before you fire it at anything. Your targets Especially Iron. The target was tipped up insted of down.
Looks like if he was an inch over his head would have exploded like a smashed pumpkin.
He is lucky Very lucky

Who said fake? Are you retarded? It hit the ear muffs it didn't hit him enough to really hurt him. The fact that they don't show blood furthers the fact that it's real because they were VERY concerned with their friend than getting it on tape.

I hate people on the internet.

50 caliper ricochet to the head

hey I don't get it .. could someone explain??

*sniff*I love this country.

wait WTF happened?

1 in a 1248976516548946519845616486156497 shot

Fake, the camera would have showed the blood!

I just noticed the round hit the ground right in front of him, must have tumbled threw the air to make that sound.

bet he wont do that again

diuche bags!!!


idiot camera guy shot nothing but feet.