Amazing Sniper Shot

1 min 14 sec

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This police sniper ends a suicide stand off by shooting the gun out of a man's hand, what a great shot!


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good videos

yo douchebags
it doesn't matter what the fuck you're shooting. a gun is just as hard to shoot as a deer's head. its hard for some people, easy for others, whichever you are, i want to tell you something: you dont care what the other people said, you just want to get attention because daddy didn't love you enough. the end. - zom-b slayer

Great work ! now every sniper call you get yourself into you'll be required to shoot the weapon out of their hands otherwise the lawyers will convince the jury anyone you kill could have be saved by shooting their means of attack out of their hand!

Can we have a moment of silence for the pistol you retards? You kids have no respect these days.

wow you guys are awesome, i bet you all are the greatest snipers in the world, huh? I guess this guys just a novice. (Sarcasm) SHUT UP you sound real cool over the internet, stop trying to show off and i garantoldja these retards cant do jack with a rifle in their hands

I don't know man...he was about 4 feet off target...his brain stem isn't attached to his index finger!!!

hey, regardless it was a stupid shot for an LEO to take. that opens it up to all sorts of ridiculous liabilities. you shouldnt pull the trigger unless you intend to... well, you get the idea :)

Sorry, have to put in my 2. easy shot :) anyone who shoots would agree. from 50 yds away being able to hit a pistol doesnt mean shit. especially if your using a 700pss with a S&B!



Had the guy truly WANTED to be dead... he would have pulled the trigger!
Regardless of the details or distance involved, the fact remains... the accuracy of the shot was exceptional marksmanship!
Former Marine or not

Nameless Sploder | Sun, 11/04/2007 - 07:00

"this was a fake, some training video, & it was 9th trial of the sharp shooter, in which he succeeded"

Uh... I don't know where in the English speaking world they train by shooting live ammo at human targets bub.

this was a fake, some training video, & it was 9th trial of the sharp shooter, in which he succeeded

LOL PWNED, Hes off to the happy hotel now.

dude he got taken down so hard. they pwned him.

mean bo

"I could kill ___ from 300 hundred yards away ect ect" Shooting at a human target is a lot different, if you've ever done that then you will know how much truly harder it is. Grats to the sniper, nice shot, this guy isn't getting the suicide he wanted

Nice shot !
And no , that's not an easy shot.
Remember , he's shooting on a human being , not a papertarget.

moving target, nimrod. there's a huge difference between hitting a bobbing melon and stationary ring target, which you would know if you had ever sent a round downrange.

"nice shot"? ffs, i could get this guy in the head from 600yrds with iron sights. every heard of bisley in the uk? the nra competition? well its pretty much the standard there.

Nah, he missed. He was going for the left testicle.

Depends on how much training and skill you have. It's an easy shot for a pro like me. More than likely an impossibility for you.

why did he simply put that idiot out of his misery? Now he is a problem for someone else...

easy? stfu all the people who said it is easy are retards. Just because its 50 yards doesn't mean its easy. The gun was in his hand, and they didn't want to hit his hand. and his leg was right near it also, so it was a risky shot. at any moment the suicider could of gotten up and taken one right to the leg. and 250 yards head shot with a deer is easier than this. id like to see u hit the deer if it had a bullet proof helmet on and only a small hole where it could be hit. and anyways, this is a human not an animal, so to not injure the human, it was a very nice shot

big deal, daddyo

if you have a properly sighted gun you can get a shot like that easy from 50 yards i mean shit I've shot a deer in the head from 250 with a 30-06 with a x6 scope

only 50 yards? that shits easy...

i like his t shirt

wow didnt think that even happened outside of the movies. great shot props to the police sniper

x marine ? excellent shot