AC-130 Death From Above

1 min 10 sec

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You wouldn't want to be bad guy when this thing is circling overhead. They can make it rain heavy minigun fire and artillery shells.


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Admittedly, the Russians do have some of the biggest bombs around, but sorry com-block, America absolutely has the most BAD-ASS, hi-tech, Hellfire-a-stormin',ass-kicking, ace-accurate and deadly don't-fuck-with-me weapons/delivery systems in the world.
NOW, if we could just apply our technical know-how and money to become TRULY independent of foreign energy-fuel-food-products etc., we could just sit back and relax, then if anyone fucked with us there would be no argument over justification and we could kick ass with a clear conscience and even the ignorant Democrat hippies couldn't say anything.
For the trillions spent on a superfluous war we could have gained energy Independence and told the Middle East to go get an enema with their oil. And, if we had no junkie-like addiction to their product, there would not only be no conflict, but our men & wimmen wouldn't be dying there, and they wouldn't even have a reason to hate us. Then they could go have wars with their other oil-crack-addicted nations instead. Then, as the real "good guys", we could sit back and laugh while the rest of the world squabbled over the oil-well teat.
Yeah, I had to rant. But fuck me 'cause I'm a vegetarian who supports the rights of hunters.
Truly yours, in real freedom,

PS -If voting really changed anything, it would be illegal.

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

Dam- Oh shit is all i can say ! who ever is at the receiving end is bacon. Burnt bacon at that!!!!!!!

wow, so those conspiracy theorists were right, the military does have a weather controlling device!

make it rain on dem hos