Russian Tsar Bomb

3 min 11 sec

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This bomb makes the bomb dropped on Hiroshima look like a firecracker. It is truly immense. Tsar you ready?


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bunch of chumps!!!!!!!

If they were all that then they would never have lost the cold war. Thats why they were so opposed to "Star Wars" Defence. Reagan knew they couldn't up. Knew they had bigger bombs. So the plan was to develope something to take them out before they impacted here. The Russians had no way to defeat it. So their Big Bomb wasn't worth much since it was obvious that it would never reach it's target.
I mean hey. We just shot a satelite out of the sky with one shot. We even hit the fuel cell we were aiming at. I'm sure we could hit a russian missle without much trouble.

Ah fuck it, we all go up in smoke, no more taxes, no more terrorist,no more russkys and no more worries, all gone in one big bang ! what a concept ! makes you think, R we gonna survive a few more yrs

Nameless Sploder | Fri, 12/28/2007 - 20:48
Communist, who landed on the moon? Thats right you can't denie that.

you cant beat the reds , ever . there isnt a nation that could beat the russians , they got more nukes than any other country on the world together , after the start 3 agreement they made more than 2500 nukes just like those , , theyre taking over , the north pole , syrian base , a ship full of nukes to iran , now the conflict in kosovo , now putin is probably cutting the diplomatic agreement between the usa and russia

man after looking at this film i remember my buddy eating shrooms till he couldnt no more , he was of the hook for a day or so

Czar was the prototype of more powerful bomb> 300MT, developed at participation of acad. Sakharov. Were afraid to test, therefore power have lowered in 2,5 times ...

Quote by Terminator model 101 'It's in your nature to destroy yourselves'

I know that America 'could' make a bigger bomb, but why 'would' they... America can deliver a non-nuclear weapon with enough force and accuracy to get the job done... our nukes are just for show...

They should have named it The Chuck Norris Bomb.
Charlton heston, eat your heat out.
Oh, and ZOMG, WTF and all that.
This is what part of the alphabet woyld look like if they removed Q and R.

well somebody didnt watch the clip.
the reason they made a bomb that affected a large area is because they couldnt deliver the bombs as accuratly as the americans, a big one proved that they didnt need to hit the target, anywhere near would have the same effect.

In 2004 The CIA pupblished a book about a bomb much more dangerous then that. The Czar is 150 megatons while the new bomb is 270 megatons. Thats almost twice the power. I dont remember if the book was fictional or not but i remember the statement that any explosion of more than 300 megatons could crack the earth open, ending mankind.


Doesnt it look like sheer madness to make a bomb that blast EVERYTHING to smithereens?