Anti incoming Cannon

1 min 13 sec

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Based on the Navy's design, Phalanx is used to shoot down incoming fire in Iraq. I bet theres no seagulls flying around this thing, mine mine mine...


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WOW! Is it really 100 rd/sec of 20mm?
What a badass hummmmmm.
Talk about gettin' a hummer!
Say hello to my (not so) leeeeetle friend!
"Say goodbye to the bad guy"

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

Now thats a real fireworks display!

*sniff*I love this country.

R2-D2 in action...I love it! :D

thats just naughty

6000 rpm of 20mm

Almost as good as the dutch goal keeper from "Hollandse Signaal Apparaten"