Apache Chicken Anyone?

13 sec

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These guys get buzzed by an Apache, now this is trusting your pilots.


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He miss.... :(

bunch of brainiacs...from Cochise Consultancy. soul bro should have been greased for his ghetto salute.

This is what were wasting our taxes on?... There ain't no war on terror.. Remember it was "Weapons of mass destruction". But I Do Agree the solders do need something to do over there and I support them but they need to come home!

very cool fool!

The pilot sucks. He didnt even manage to hit these guys.

Don't shoot until you see the whites of their eyes... eeps, they're all blood shot! Let's take a closer look :)

Wow they didn't even flinch!

*sniff*I love this country (USA! USA!).

hair cut anyone?

fucking cool!!