Tactical High Energy Laser

9 min 39 sec

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This laser system destroys 3 incoming mortars at the same time. Impressive!


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Make a missile with a mirror finish, and render the laser useless.

aww man I was expecting like a cool red laser beam like in star wars. how does the real one work-is it a pulse of energy or is it just a slow reaction from the infrared beam

how big of a hole does it put through the ozone layer...? and does it screw up the satellites in the background...?

Actually this is what the title says, a Tactical High Energy Laser and its also a deuterium fluoride laser and yes its contractor is TRW which is nowadays known as Northrop Grumann.
This is probably the mobile version being tested and the MIRACL couldn't actually shoot down satellites, but it managed to disable one.

This is a Hydrogen Fluoride chemical laser made by the The TRW Systems Group. The laser's energy is derived from the massive tanks of HF and their subsequent reaction. The TRW Systems group also developed the MIRACL a Deuterium Fluoride laser which could shoot down satellites.

why the special effects?

advertising buddy you don;t think this shit is free do you?
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hhmmm cos looking at a black screen with a white line through it is interesting....

Wait till to police start upgrading their laser speed guns