Bikini Hottie w/a Glock

2 min 35 sec

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This Bikini clad pistoleer shows her stuff with her Glock.


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the GUN has a bigger BUTT than she does

she needs to keep IT hidden

It's amazing that she didn't rip her thumb off!

The tail bone tat reads, "wrong side, roll me over."

her white trash boyfriend, couldn't afford a decent target.

retarded. Daddy must be proud.

She has that classic "I'm scared of the gun I'm shooting" stance. In other words, she leans back away from the gun. Oh, and she hit 2 cans from 10 feet with 24 rounds ... amazing. She flinches so bad you can actually see it on several shots and yes, she's going to sheer her thumb off with the slide eventually. Way to go dumbass!

que pajerli !!! en vez de filmarla lleva a un hotel

yes papa

Grip my pistol !

"Wow Ashley, thank you". Now give grandpa a hug.


She's lucky to keep her thumb!!!

shes not even that hot and it mostly shows just her tat over her bikinni covered ass. my so hot

Wow. She hit logs at 6ft!

stupid... not even hot.. just make a video of her taking a dick in her ass.. that would be more interesting.

why don't they just fuck her?

Stupid. Unsafe. If she catches a spent case in her bikini top is she going to be able to exercise safe muzzle discipline? Maybe, but I wouldn't bet *my* safety on it. Put some clothes on.

dumb bitch

shes cute but that suck

Wow, at 15 feet she almost hit the big pile of logs with most of the shots. Agree with 7/24, going to break her thumb. Tramp stamp to boot. What's the point?

i think the logs are dead now

She's going to knock her left thumb off with the slide eventually.