500 Magnum Scope to the Dome

46 sec

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This poor guy was just plinking away with his Smith & Wesson 500 magnum, when his scope sheared off and dotted him in the head. It left a nice gash for him to remember it by. New quote of the week: "my scope came off and I'm bleeding".


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If you can't mount your own. You have no business owning it. Take a lesson rookie!

stupid fool probably had the scope 2 to 3 inches from his face, thats probably why he got smacked with the scope... i bet next time he'll keep good distance

How about the idiot holding the gun? I doubt the scope came off the gun. You are not supposed to put your face that close to the scope.....

If he had it up to his Face, then why didn't it Fuck him up on the previous Shots ?
But when you buy Cheap Mounts for a .357 Magnum, this is what happens
I wonder if Gander Mountain offered a $100 Gift Certificate AND Replaced the Scope? or did they just want to buy him off for $100 ONLY ?
People Buy these Guns so they can be cool and say that they have the Most Powerful hand Gun in the World, and then realize that the Gun is WAY to much for them, maybe he should get the
460XVR S&W Hand Gun next, the 460 IS a Maimer of Hands if not done RIGHT

Well that is great that is where I bought all my guns!

hahahahah pwnt
gander mtn had nothing to do with this idiot smacking himself ,,,
the scope co. is to blame

That guy looks like Bruce Willis.

just with hair!

bet that hurt.