The Magpul FMG-9

2 min 38 sec

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Magpul's concept for a very small and portable submachine gun. It folds to a very slick little package and uses a Glock receiver and mags. This is a clip from the 2008 Shot Show. I fuckin love Magpul and would give anything to work for them!


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looks like the boom box the kid in Robocop 2 carried haha.

Now I can kidnap women with this weapon and force them to suck my cock

Now THATS cool

LOL I love it as a kid growing up in the 1960, there was a "secret agent mam" to that was radio that was really a fold up cabrine rifle and it unfolded just like the Magpul LOL that so cool

That'a one bad light, I would love to have one.

This looks like they borrowed quite a bit from the russian-made PP-90. (Another folding SMG). It looks way better in terms of versatility but give credit where it's due.

It would be alot handier than the 300 H+H mag. I carry to take out the trash!!

My bad its only a semi-auto...but still

why da phuck would u want a sub machine gun with u to take out the garbage or get the mail can anyone explain???

I know what I want for christmas