Building Demolition

37 sec

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A cool clip of the Landmark Tower being dropped in Fort Worth, Texas. I think I'd much rather be the guy in charge of blowing it up, than the guy cleaning up the mess.


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when almost all guy there saw this cool happening, there's some guy start bitching...the guy with the responsibility of cleaning the mess LoL

After witnessing 9/11 (personally), I fail to see how building demolitions attract so much morbid interest and provide so much peculiar entertainment.

There is a big difference between a terrorist attack on a building full of people and a controlled demo of an empty one. It isn't "morbid" if there is no one in it.



wow looks like something I saw before...mmmmmm.

"unbelievable, unbelievable, wow thats, unbelievable.... unbelievable" -_-

Yeah, this kinda remains me of something but don't quite remember what lol.

So thats what a controlled explosion looks like... nothing like WTC 1 or 2... right. Is this a shot of the world trade center buildings the CIA didn't want us to see?

wooow!! splosions are frekkin supper awEsomeE!!!! i wish i can do this for a job, i def can put bombs in buildinz and watch 'em fall down all day and all night loooong!! what an e-z job they just play with fireworkers all day and make messes of older buildinz hahaha supper sweet!! YYEEAAHH