Double Bolt Action Rifle

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Yes thats what I said, this bolt action rifle chambers two rounds at the same time in seprate barrels. I have never seen anything quite like it, it's made by Fuchs and Szecsei of Germany.


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Those are dangerous game animal rifles. Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Kaboom, Kaboom!

Technically brilliant.

I hope they have it at IWA2009

I want one

What's the point?
Regulating two barrels to one set of sights is very difficult, and time-and-labor consuming.
Wouldn't it've been easier, cheaper, and lots more practical to have designed and made an elegant semi-automatic in the same caliber?

Oh, I get it: it's for six (or eight) quick shots, fired in doubles, in places where semi-autos are forbidden.

This begs the question; WHY?

Fuchs and Szecsei hahahaha

I've handled one, but not shot it. Amazing workmanship. It was in .416 Rem Magnum, two 3 round mags. A fricking monster.

Can I borrow $37,500?

i want one

That is great!!!

I'd like to have one in .30-06.

The Confederate

Keep that fugly thing out of Oz...LOL

please drop price and export to Australia