Hot Girl Lights Her Bare Ass On Fire

1 min 1 sec

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This crazy chick lets her friends smear something on her bare ass and light it on fire.


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The language is danish (Denmark)



nice ass....... Never mind

I remember the first time I sow this clip in about 2000.

I think they just get bored of f*ckin her everyday so that night they decided to do something different.

plz tell me, which language is this ?

And people say we Americans are stupid!

i masterbated to her ass

just joking

*sigh* Moron alert.

thats what i call hot ass

salam khubi chetori chakkar mikoni

Silite garek di sogok
bawoke di dilat
sip pokokmen

Que lindo ojete

Now, there's a girl with low self-esteem.

These guys are gay as fuxk.
One way to get ass hair off, burn it!

ya got a hotty like that, willing to pull her pants down, and all they can think of is "hey, lets light it on fire!"

it would have been better if they lit her tits on fire... but still, she's fucking gorgeous. i'll stick a flaming hot dick up her twat any day of the week, man



Dee Dee Dee, Fires hot!

is this the same girl who lit a bottle rocket out her butt? nice! ( i don't wanna b a nameless sploder!!)MM

stupid is as stupid does!!!!

Dear Mom,

I met this girl at camp.........

I just love the smell of HOT Danish in the morning!!

They are not from Norway (I am)... They are from Denmark.

nope, no krauts in this video. from norway perhaps?


Now that's a fun girl right there.