Bullet-Proof Rolls Royce Test

3 min 49 sec

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An armored Rolls Royce Phantom get tested thoroughly. I wonder if they will still sell this at the "scratch and dent" sale.


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omfg wtf bbq! I suppose the motto might be: "Indestructible Luxury..". Ok, that is lame, but this is such a sweet car!

One careful owner.

Some safety feature

You notice they don't show it from the inside during or afterwards. Put the owner of Rolls Royce and his tops execs inside the thing and do all that. If everyone gets out and walks away unscathed, then this video would have meaning.

The question is...... can you still drive it after all the pinging and popping? They should have driven it away at the end of the video.

SOLD! Now I just need some enemies...

should be deployed in iraq