High Powered Binary Explosive (Pen Bomb)

4 min 46 sec

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I hope to never see reports of this stuff being used by the wrong people. Imagine a large charge of this stuff.


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Totally Faked.

Sorry, this is fake.
You should feel bad for believing it.
If this substance were real, it would have to be roughly 20 times more energetic than PETN or RDX, which are about as powerful as they come.
Extremely esoteric explosives (read: never actually synthesized) might bump up to twice as powerful, but you simply cannot store enough energy in chemical bonds to get that kind of effect from 1 drop of explosives.
oh and BTW, "binary explosives" is a meaningless buzz word used by douchebags.
The two most common explosives used by industry, ANFO and Kinepak, are both binary compounds.

IM sorry to say but it does. im a former member of the us marines and we deal with threats of binary explosives all the time. they are real. the government has confiscates 150,000 lbs of set binary explosevs kept at a top secret location. anymore that i tell you could get me aressted.

Yea, when I seen this video, the first thing I thought about was government propaganda. This stuff floats all over the net and put out by the right wing!

fuck! if its BS. Well not to worry, we got the real shit but under lock & key in tight security. If it be real, & that shit be out there, then fuck, worry for real! be real scared

If it's real the most likely thing it could be is a picric acid compound. Those are so unstable that a terrorist would stand a better chance of blowing themselves up before getting to thier target

Without splitting atoms, you will not get that much energy out of a chemical reaction involving that amount of material. Anyone with any experience with nitrocellulose or oxidation-reduction reactions can tell you that. Best that you could get would be a loud bang and a splintered pen. Short of things at the atomic level, no conventional material has anywhere near this energy density, but nuclear fusion/fission can't occur on this scale obviously.

It didn't vaporize anything , the melon flies left off the post,mostly intact. Lame,Lame,Lame.

Not even good editing - Time mark 3:19:23 clearly shows ghost image of smoking pen and water melon ( intact ), smoke and label "in a split second the melon is vapourised (sic)”

Took about 30 seconds to find.

Would someone please use better Security personnel at the Airports!? Please!!!

dumb, in a second the small smokey charge knocked the mellon off the fence post...

Wasn't this in one of the Die Hard movies?

absolute BS
such a stable high explosive binary compound simply does not exist

Umm no. That is government spewing propaganda at you. BE SCARED! BE SCARED! That is obviously a hack video.

Just search for this and you will see it is stable until shot at with a bullet. Otherwise it would be in all sorts of books like the "poor mans james bond" type books that you can find at palladins press(unlessit is already - but still stable)

I don't trust the video a bit, just a plain fuse and someone with a 12 gauge off camera could make it look like the red daub under the tape at the end did the work. I don't think that it is a modern explosive, just a forgotten recipie from the late 1800s, Armstrong's mixture (Wiki it). Think cap guns. REALLY dangerous shit, safer when both parts are wet. You could loose eyesight, fingers and other parts trying to make it. We used to hit entire rolls of caps with a hammer in the late 1950s and if you got it just right the hammer back quickly. See also http://yarchive.net/explosives/armstrongs_mixture.html , and then go up one level for the full list. There is no formating just ASCII text here, this is how stuff looked before the WWW on DARPA.net.

I'm going to raise the BS flag here...

Where can I get some of this?

Damm is this real ?

one drop of this shit ?

please be worried!