Burning AK

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Don't like your AK anymore? Well then just do like captian cool guy here...


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*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

There's no way this ass is rich enough to destroy a $20,000 class 3 weapon. He probably illegally converted it and was trying to destroy it before BATF showed up to put his ass in jail before he could reproduce, thereby doing the gene pool a favor.
BTW, JAMOMATIC LOVERS: I'd rather have a 200 yard gun that works no matter what (even on fire) than a 500-yard prarie dog gun that doesn't.
And yeah, everyone is making piston ARs now, an admission that Stoner's original design sucked, Plus, AKs are still way cheaper than ARs , so what would you rather be armed with, a 200 yard .30 cal gun under your bed or a 500 yard gopher gun still in the gun store?? BTW my Maadi shoots under 2 MOA with the right ammo and around 3MOA with cheapo Russian milsurp from '94.
I can consistently hit a human silhouette at 300 yards with an AK with a rear peep-type iron sight,despite the short sight radius. Maybe y'all need more practice or less coffee.
The AKs "inaccuracy" is overrated, as is the standard AR's accuracy.

If this was a true Class III weapon, this guy would not be destroying it like this. A true AK-47 if you can get one cost around 15 to 20 thousand dollars. Good going idiot screw it up for all of us now, may the ATFE find you put you away for the rest of your life..

Its guys like this idiot doing stupid things with firearms are the reason we are loosing the right to have them in this country. Illegally converting a civilian AK to full auto! And posting it for all to see! Come on think about it. Video’s like this give the anti gunners more fuel to use against us.

an ak is good for sending bullets down range and being reliable excellent weapon for close combat, now for pickin somethin off at 300 meters be sure you dont try it with the ak, a .22 is more accurate

AK on fire ? too bad he lit fire to that AK with lighter fluid or something. and for you m16 haters I bet if they made a piston driven m16 rifle it would kick the ak ass. jk

"this is why the ak wins over the m16 every time know matter what."
Dude it's almost impossiple to hit hit eney thing over 200 yards with a ak 47. the sight sucks and the recole is over powering for full auto. Look up "M16 vs Ak47".

actually we have done that and have never replaced the foregrip Ak are very well built

This guy is a nut case , guess he never heard of pre mature cook off. My A- Gunner in Nam had that happen to him on a M-60 Machine Gun & he lost 2 fingers & part of an ear fireing w/a hot berrall Marc. (dingodawg1968)

this is why the ak wins over the m16 every time know matter what.

Why would you want to try to tear up a full auto AK for.
they are already hard enough to get hold of.

*sniff*I love this country.

He propably dont like his right arm and eyes either.

bet the ak aint hurt minus the handguards

great redneck demo

Try to do it with M16 ;-)

Gimme dat, I'll fix all back to good as new

Hi! I really liked your site!
Keep this great work up!

Nice test) a man has lower endurance)

uhm, its an endurance test. x-number of rounds untill weapon jams style of thing. ak-no jam, though it did beome a bit erratic with that last mag there. still an unrealistic test, you'd brak contact or be dead by the time you'd put enough rounds through it to make it catch fire.

Greatest weapon!

What's the point. Great you can shoot a AK on fire..DumbASSSSSSSS

What a waste!!!!

Wow that's soooooooo cooool

that poor ak...