How to Start a Fire w/Gas (the man way)

2 min 39 sec

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It's a good thing the guy doing the lighting was already bald, otherwise he'd look like the Ghost Rider, only not as lame and Nicholas Cage.


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Reproduction should be a privilege.
Didja see how far the heavy, flammable vapours spread through the grass? That's how the open gas can in your ellas finds the water heater pilot light!

fuckn nitwits- fire is no joke.... lucky he was able t run fast

Almost cooked the 'hick's' ass and then the hyenna laughing(beer equipped) narriator...I suppose you could sit in those flammable plastic chairs and watch the "hot" lap dance!!

Heath,Jarad, the barns on fire!!! Fricken Jagoffs.

IDIOTS!! too bad he lived...

lol "da corn is on fayre!"

Well, they are drinking heavily. Look at the mug that guy has in the last two seconds.