Liquid Body Armor

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A liquid treatment for kevlar cloth that makes it possible for a thin piece of cloth to be flexable, but still stop a bullet. May also be usefull in chastity belts.


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chastity belts? I really hope thats a joke...

check out the Trojan suit made by canadian inventer, 99% coverag for 2000 bucks an only 50lbs

If done correctly, you probably wouldn't even need the Dragon Skin/Interceptor/whatever.

It's not pressure that causes the "logjam" effect, once all the kinks are worked out you could swim this stuff down several atmospheres. It's the force that comes with impact (whether ballistic, or penetrative (icepick, blade, etc)) that does it.

Combine this with the dragonskin vest and you got yourself a pretty safe soldier!

Dude I forgot what that liquid is called but I sware as soon as I found out about it like 2 years ago I said that would be good for body armour the more pressure on it the stronger it is, look up non-newtonian liquid. Its like liquid when not beeing moved around alot but like steel when it is.

thats some really cool shit