Moron In a Mig

42 sec

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This Mig pilot forgets the very important lesson of take off. Don't raise the landing gear when you are still on the ground. He now flys the airplane in front of Walmart that takes quarters.


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Pressure switches prevent that from happening on all jets right from 1950 onwards. Had to be hydraulic failure. Knowing the Russians someone probably drank it.

дыбил не в кабине, а дыбил - запостивший ролик
у машины отказали шасси, а у афтара - моск

A little bondo, and a couple pops a dent kits she'll be good as new.

you know, a lot of that will buff right out. . .

Very oldest TV-rip video... Russian TV-Channel "ТВ6" (as you can see on this video), was closed 10 years ago. Now onboard computers do not make such mistakes.

you don't get to such aircraft by forgetting stuff like that. some jerk probably drank the hydraulic fluid.

Idiot he tried to lower the landing gear.

The voice says that it was not a pilot mistake but equipment failure...

Yea but my description is more entertaining....:)