Shot Through The Scope Myth

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Isn't it funny how every sniper movie out there has at least one scene where someone takes a round in the eye through their scope. The Mythbusters try it out for real.


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theres actually only one movie...

but they used a lead copperjacketed bulit try a armor pircing round

You all may wish to read the following:

That may clear things up some. Also you need to note that the original Mosin Nagant sniper scope/rifle that Gunny Hathcock shot was most likely a PU sniper scope. Read the above article and see what was said.

As far as I am concerned anyone who doesn't know or think that a sniper in Vietnam wouldn't have access to M2 Black Tips doesn't know his weapons, what the US had, what we gave our lil brown friends, and what was used period.

Also, not to sound like a dick, but to the person that said "Standard ball ammo is AP"... you may want to learn what you are talking about instead of spouting falsehoods. Standard ball is NOT "AP". What you claim to be facts online may teach some poor soul who doesn't have the benefit of an education lies, the public school system does enough of that as it is.

For the rest of you, I never had the privilege to have met Gunny Hathcock, but EVERYONE that knew the man agrees that he IS a man of HONOR and INTEGRITY. If Gunny Hathcock said he did it, you damn well can take it to the bank!

Note I said IS even though he passed on a few years back, HONOR and INTEGRITY just like men like Gunny Hathcock NEVER die really.

Education and Knowledge are powerful things.

this is stupid there is a man in vietnam that has shot another man throgh the scope in pitch black all he had to go on is a glare the scop they are using is a modern day scope it has protection on the lense in vietnam they didnt have reinforced lenses like we do today

These are all variable power Tasco scopes with lots of thick lenses, weak aluminum bodies, and thin tubes. Shooting a heavier bullet (the 168 SMK designed for shooting through glass) at a longer distance, this is highly possible. At a higher diastance, the bullet slows down, and has less of a likelihood of deforming too much. The Sierra Match Kings are hollow-point boat tailed, and will deform easily when they hit something.

What "White Feather" used was 168gr Sierra Match King ammo in his .30-06 Winchester Model 70 for the most part, unless he had a different rifle. The VC sniper had a Mosin-Nagant in 7.62x54R with that stubby-ass PU scope. If that Nagant ever turns up again, it'll be worth a fortune to a collector. Whether the guys on Discovery Channel ever confirmed this or not, it did actually happen.

snipers dont use standard ball ammo, they use fast moving match grade stuff, and yes the scopes the vc used had much less glass in them,

Yeah and as the first comment said, they revisited he one and did it again with dated stuff, and it only worked with AP rounds, Which he would have had. Hell he was one of the first to use a Browning 50. machine gun to snipe with.

Made to single shot, with a duct taped on scope, and he kicked ass with it. A friend of mine actually met the man, the legend. Very cool guy.

The VC used shorter scopes on their rifles. those were nice big scopes mythbusters were using.

The vietnamese didn't have 3-9x40mm scopes! They used PU and PE/PEM type scopes, russian leftovers from world war 2. They had ALOT less glass in them.

AP rounds are not the same as standard ball.
I have vintage AP .30-06 from WWII and it has a tungsten core. AP .30-06 rounds can be identified by a black painted tip. I've shot 1 1/2" steel plates at the range with devastating results.

I think that the dummy would be "busted" had they used a .50 cal.

"I daresay this guy would be kind of upset..."

Standard ball ammo is AP.

they revisited this and used older rifles with larger caliberes and the scopes were smaller. like the myth goes carlos hathcock shot a vietnamese sniper through the scope.
it ended up being possible but they had to use armour piercing rounds, and i doubt they used armour piercing round for infantry in vietnam, sounds like another american war hero story to me lol