Beer Can Cannon

3 min 59 sec

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Here is a well put together montage of the Milwaukee's Best Light beer cannon destroying things in slow motion. The only thing that sucks about this, is that they are wasting good beer. Well on second thought, lets just say they are wasting beer. THE BEAST!


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Great videao, well produced.
REMEMBER, you can't really ever waste Milwaukee's BEAST.
BUT.... THIS IS ONE OF THE CHEESIEST PIECES OF CLASSICAL MUSIC EVER WRITTEN AND IS IN FAR TOO MANY 'SPLODE VIDEOS. THIS IS MUSIC FOR A CAT FOOD COMMERCIAL, NOT FOR ARTERIAL DEVASTATION!!!! Listen to some Brahms or even (gag)Beetoven, or Vladimir Vysotsky better yet. Don't fall prey to the "top 40" classical crap, there is much better stuff out there for your videos. Even Death Metal is better than the Goddarn 1812 Overture.
How about using cans that were in the hot Summer sun for five hours then hitting them with a .22 on their way to the target??? You could do it with a properly-timed electronically activated trigger (solenoid) and IR can sensor if your cans' muzzle velocity is anywhere near consistent!
Again, great edit!

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

Where do you guys do this? I want to be there next time. USA rocks..Old fart loves it.Hurah and all that shit.

What that a big rubber dildo?

*sniff*I love this country.

Finally some classical music I like...

nice :)