School Shooting

3 min 49 sec

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This toolbox is trying to explain the importance of gun safety to a room full of kids. In the process of his lecture, he manages to shoot himself in the foot! What fool would load the guns they brought for something like this. I hope he lost his job.


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Did he check the chamber of the gun ? NO HE JUST PULLED THE TRIGGER ...... FUCKING IDIOT. WHY WOULD HE TAKE LIVE AMMO TO LECTURE ON GUN SAFTEY ? thats twice he is a fucking IDIOT, WHY LOAD THE GUN three times a idiot , three strikes and your out FOOLISH MAN with a limp to prove it.

Besides the dumbass comment, its not a 'Glock 40' Its a Glock model 22 or 27 (Cant see exact size) chambered in .40 (S&W).
Dumbass again.

dumb nigger...

Your Fired!!

It has to be in America, land of guns.

"i'm the only one professional enough in this room to handle this...." bang!

LMFAO - just awesome

The most amazing part is he keeps on going after he shoots himself in the foot!

um, look at the guy ! What do you think? College degree? Hmmmmmmmmmm?

What an IDIOT! This is why you DO NOT put bullets IN the gun in front of Children OR the general public.
First thing this dumb ass did was load it when he pulled it out.

looks like mister DEA has his own stash

Bad boys, bad boys, whatcha gonna do....

Lets Look at rule one.

"Treat every gun as loaded"