Shotgun vs. Nutbag

1 min 3 sec

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You can guess who won this match up, what a dumbass.


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Guns are not toys.
Use a sledgehammer if you're into ball torture.

This is how we lose our gun rights - lay people thinking all gun owneres are this stupid when they see shit like this.

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

can you say sterile?


This Fuckheads picture should be on a carton of half and half. along with his nuts..

This is why we are losing our guns people.

Thankfully this guy might not breed. :)

Stupid people shouldn't breed. Christ,no wonder the socialist want to take our guns away.

Next time, idiot, turn the gun around. Until then you're wasting perfectly good oxygen.

At least we don't have to worry about him spreading his seed...


n0000000b who has played too much cs

I hope his balls find their way out of his ears one day... What a moron...

If I were that kids father after he recovered from the gun blast I would kick him in the nuts for being a complete fucking moron. It is because of incredibly stupid videos like this one that this society is so frucked up. Congrats on the nutbag bruises you asswipe. I hope ythe blast makes you sterile so that you can't reproduce. We wouldn't want any more retards like yourself running around

what a fucking DICK!!!!!!!!