Stealth Bomber in Action

2 min 3 sec

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This is still one of the sexyest aircraft around. Your gonna want to think long and hard about what flag you want on your shoulder with this mean bastard overhead.


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One mean looking bastard!
I somehow don't think even the smartest smart-bombs read the flag on your shoulder before deciding to 'splode.
Can we upload Osama bin Douchebag's GPS coordinates to its computer???
I'd even pay for the gas.....

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****

THe Hortens and Northrop were working in the 30s both on all wing designs. The B-2 was an independant design.

obviously terrorist havent gotten the message yet. I say we send this bad boy over there with some small yield tacticle nukes, and show them we tired of playing games, and we gona takeoff the gloves, and put on the steel gontlets

The B2 is a copy of the nazi Germany HORTEN. Just Google!

That's like comparing the earliest bicycle to today's most high-tech motorcycle. It is one very impressive machine.

Germany started this kind of planes late in WWII.
No need to make much fuzz about it.