*SplodeTV Original* The Pumpkin Pyramid

2 min 58 sec

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*A SplodeTV Original Video* The Tannerite Pumpkin Pyramid!

4 lbs of Tannerite neatly packed into a 2 liter soda bottle, surrounded by 25 pumpkins. We at SplodeTV wish you a happy and safe Halloween, and hope you enjoy our Halloween special. Shot taken from about 100yds with a 30-06 rifle. Special thanks to the Dickinsons!


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Hey how many Mentos did it take to pull this stunt off ?

That was so freaking cool

Is this somewhere in the fingerlakes?

Sure is.....Good eye!

great hillbilly fun holloween style

we love this shit totally awesome

That was awesome. Next season there will be a pumpkin patch there in a 500 yard radius.


forget jac o lanterns this is the shit!

that stuff is the greatest invention ever

Too bad you blew up such a nice table :(

The table was marked for the trash and on it's way out already. That's how I wanna go out when I'm too worn out to be useful.