Coyote Hunting With Tannerite

18 sec

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These farmers really hate coyotes, and after their hunt they used some tannerite to speed up the decomposition process. If you are from PETA don't call us as we didn't make this video. Thx Blitz


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hilarious...screw peta

What the hell, what idiocy.
I find it hard to believe that a country ruled by Christian bigots still don't appreciate the sanctity of life.
Death isn't funny, killing something, isn't funny. You've just terminated the only that the creature will have for it's entire existence. Why? Because it'd be good to laugh at how high it'll go...
Seriously, people need better education over there.

it is called varmint hunting, they do nothing good, and MUST be culled to control there numbers other wise there population would explode, starving themselves out, and killing off every thing else.

Might seem a bit cruel, but its death was quick.

Don't be so quick to judge, where do YOU live? who rules you in the Utopian land you are posting from?

10 points, nice going!!!

I am going to use that on the cats around my block :D

*sniff*I love this country.

Looks like the Road Runner wins again!! Poor Wiley coyote..

that is the coolest thing ive ever seen

Nice height on that one.