The Girls of the IDF

9 min 8 sec

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Something about pretty women with rifles just does it for me. This is a video compilation of pictures of the women of the Israeli Defense Force


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that was the best time of my life!!!


Wow, thats so hot for some reason. Never saw any women that hot in the US Army...7:20 is the best for me. :)

The bad part is... Some of these women are tougher than even our hardest guys...

OMG they are HOT

Strong, Beautiful and courageous. You gotta Love em. Greetings from U.S.A

I LOVE EM!!!!!!

May God protect all our troops.

Warriors to be respected!

To our fallen brother'n, both far and wide. From our nation to you'res. We take our covers off and take a knee.
God help us for what we've done, Save thoughs that are fallen. Protect thoughs still with us.
Semper Fi, carry on.

SSgt.Martin USMC MOS:0321

did anyone notice where the short guy was looking in the second picture? lol

ahh, i get it, yeh, i understand thier tacics, if they have sexy girls, the enemy wont wanna shoot at em? right?, if so, its working

wow, Israelis grow sexy girls, woo hoo, and how come it isnt illegal for girls to be in the army in israel?

I love a strong woman and these women are strong and lookers!

Must be interesting living in a country where every woman and man has military training. No wonder the Arabs want to smoke Israel. Women with guns rock over women in burkas!

What more can you ask for....Isreali women kick ass!