Hand Grenade In Washing Machine

26 sec

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Are your whites not getting white enough? Well just add 1 package of super ultra power hand grenade and stand back!


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I love the song in the background

*****Reproduction should be a privilege.*****
Hopefully they didn't get their 'nads fragged.
My kinda fun, like when we did a pipe bomb inside a fridge strapped shut with inner tubes, but waaay waaay cooler.
Hey, if they're willing to put their asses on the line in combat, I'LL pay for the grenades.
Blowin' up shit reduces stress and anxiety waaay better than therapy and medication combined, though not neessarily as cheaply...have you priced ammo lately??

Hand grenades: They make bored soldiers run fast. Also, that's a really, really bad idea. But I can't criticize him for it; heck, I'd probably end up doing that if I got bored enough.

ba'h ma'mu

This is what your tax dollars are paying for

money well spent!

The original caption was the best:

ONLY the army, provides the shear boredom and equipment necessary to provide quality videos like this.