Gun Free Zone

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A funny spoof on gun free zones. Just put up a sign and your worries just melt away. These zones are really a deterrent. ;)


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There are, unfortunately, people who believe this 'add' and think of it as the ANSWER to our gun 'problem'!

Gun free zones are ridiculous because criminals do not cooperate like that. If criminals followed the law, we wouldn't have crime. The solution to gun crime is not more gun laws, but proper enforcement of laws. We need less firearm laws. Restricting law abiding citizens from any firearms, anywhere is not the solution to our problems, its actually the opposite. Allowing more citizens to carry firearm in more places would allow them to defend themselves against these criminals. Criminals should be the ones living in fear... if they are allowed to live at all.

ha,ha,ha...LOL now if only in real life the criminals
co-operated like that !