Gun Saftey, Mmmmm Kay

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Ok folks, this is why we don't play with guns. I don't know what they are spouting off about but I'm sure its not all that bright, matching their actions. It's a long video but at the end the guy accidentally shoots his friend in the head.


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Darwin's survival of the fittest, she was not. If your stupid to hang around friends who do not respect weapons then your bring it a pawn yourself.

Underage, ignorant, drunk kids. that is the price they pay. they where bragging about the gun when the girl tried to grab it, the guy in white got mad, loaded and fired. it was no accident it was totally intentional.

that was'nt an accident. if you did'nt see the blood... look closer. its on the table and on the ground.

I dont see any blood either. FAKE

Dipshit's gone wild. Can't wait to see part 2 and 3.

This is no accident. He reaches over and pulls the trigger but it doesn't go off. The girl covers her head, he chambers a round and pops her.

I speak Spanish and I can say they are acting, and not very well. Besides that, everybody can see that the victim is protecting her head with her hand before the blank firing.

fuck you, and your family .................

One less Breeder, No big deal.

there was blood

We's just here to choot de pregnant wimmenz Americans won't, mang. Issa RACISMS, homes!

MS-13 baby shower gone bad...Oh well. Let's just hope the expecting mother is the casualty.

booze and bullets good times

fake !!!

no blood wtf? what a fake he only shoots in front of her head ....

Natural Selection it's called