Hand Grenadtarded

1 min 3 sec

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This douche tries to pull the pin with his teeth and drops the live grenade at his feet, almost killing himself.


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what a jackass

That was a flash bang grenade. They still will blow water, sand and dirt all over the place, but won't do too much damage even at close range if thrown, say, into a room or something. It would be all the flying debris like rocks and clumps of mud doing the damage. I've tested rounds like this at work for various companies that make them. I know it's really strange seeing so much stuff fly in the air, as it still a non-lethal round, but that's exactly what happens when we pop them on the dirt and gravel pads at work.

he pulls the pin alright but, when he lets the spoon fly and the primer/fuse pops, he panics like a sissy and drops it.

When he dropped it and moved back, it was in a depression and didn't have a straight line from the grenade to spread out shrapnel for a kill zone, plus it was in the water. Still, I would think there would have been some shrapnel come down from the pieces that would have went up in the air. It may have been a concussion grenade with no shrapnel perhaps?

Still, not a smart thing to do at all.

Dumbass!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

In water and mud, that's a grenade. A primer is struck when the handle goes. Maybe it was a foreign-made one?

That's not a real grenade.

I've thrown real grenades in military training before...

The impact is NOTHING like what the video shows.
Even 50m away, seperated by a solid concrete wall, you can still feel the ground shake. A real military-level hand grenade would have a lot more impact.

Also, if it were a real grenade, those men would be dead by now. A normal grenade's killing radius is 5m, 15m to incapacitate.

Now I've never been THAT close to a grenade going off, but that's either some dumb'd down grenade with modified less explosives, or some sort of other explosive.

As far as I know too, hand grenades dont give off a "fzzt" with a small puff of smoke when the pin is pulled... There's no outside sign of activation, other than the pin being pulled out and the fly-handle flying off.

I think it is a "real" grenade, but def not a US made grenade. They are probably getting them from some old Vietnam era stock pile.

almost as bad as in basic training, where one dumb ass throws the pin