New Silencer

40 sec

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A video of interesting looking new silencer being test fired. The FH9 is an experimental suppressor for 9 mm pistols. The unique design of the SAI FH9 ensures that the line of sight is not obstructed in any way. With focus on handiness, the SAI FH9 is ment to be a perfect woorking tool for professional end users - and it adds only 10cm and 159 grams to the weapon. Optimal sound attenuation is obtained with the new SAI V-flex baffle system - modified to the square outer casing.


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My HTG Cycle-2 is better!!

I think the video is a hoax. Looks to me like an airsoft with a toilet paper roll covered in electrical tape. Its doesn't look like its threaded on right. Droops. But, by the look of the empty shells, it could be a real .45 - I'd like to read who's can that is.

If they would make one to just make it sound like a 22short to save on the ears and make it legal.... oh wait... that would be subversive, evil, and probably kill babies too.

Is this the new AAC suppressor? Square shape kinda looks like it.

This looks like the prototype suppressor that was submitted by H&K when they were working on the Mk.23 SOCOM pistol. I think this newer suppressor might be a Surefire prototype.

Ejection seems rather weak. Subsonics? sounds like a gun form counterstrike source

Sounds nice, slow reload though! =P

Who is producing these?

Where can I get one?