Autonomous Sentry Paintball Gun

5 min 48 sec

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An automatic sentry with a paintball gun. This is the 5th version this guy has made, getting better each time. It looks like its pretty damn effective!


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Absolutely amazing, I would totally purchase one :D

Need one of those for my backyard. I could see these being used on the border.

I see government work in your future!!!

Awesome..I may have to buy one to harass the pesky squirrels if you ever get it done :)

It's pretty sad that munkeeboy is trying to steal your idea..

wow, that is amazing. Email me a couple of blueprints or basic ideas on how you created that thing (i wouldn;t try to steal your invention). YOu will make a ton of money if you can sell that idea. how much you want for blueprints?

little bit of work and im shure uncle same would buy that for a couple of dollars.