The Sarcos Robotic Exoskeleton

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This exoskeleton suit is like having robot super strength. Developed by the Utah based Sarcos, this robot suit will mimic the users movements but at the same time enhances your strength. Once they can make these things smaller and more out of the way, watch out.


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I think this is absolutly amazing. Not ready for the field but the possibilities are endless. A fully encapsulated suit would make you pretty tough. And the idea that you would be able to go through walls? Not at all out of the question. Add to it, heat sensors, enhanced visual abilities, forward looking infrared, enhanced hearing capabilities. It could be incorperated into the suited version. The only thing left would be flight. Can you say Ironman ?? I see no reason that this can not become common place on the battlefield or in Law Enforcement. With the enhancements that I mentioned. I see it in 20 years or less.

To the sploder below me, the extra strength would allow a soldier to carry more ammo or if the hardware is developed much larger guns.
Giving an infantry man the ability to carry a recoilless rifle or something of similar weight is a huge benefit in battle.

Its interesting, but obviously it has some way to go. Maybe in 20 more years it'll be in military use, but I don't know. I see three main weaknesses that I'm sure they're working on. First, its bulky. Hard to go into small areas after bin Laden when you can't fit through the door (or cave I guess). Second, while I was impressed at the fact that the guy was able to reach jogging speed, the suit clearly isn't able to be as agile as necessary in the field. This isn't the movies, when a rocket hits you half inch thick armor isn't going to take the beating. Why else are our biggest tanks taken out by old explosives from the Cold War, even with their heavier armor. Sometimes being able to run away from the gun fire is just the better option. Finally, the strength displayed isn't all that impressive. Sure the stamina to do 500 pull downs is great, but in a combat situation I don't know how much of an advantage it is. Definately for auxillary and mantainence purposes though, like loading missles.

Damn, I had an idea for an armored suit while I was waiting for my discharge to go through, but abandoned it when i got home, thinking it'd go nowhere. I really wish I had continued with it now, I might have gotten government funding for it by now.

Read about this Idea about 10 years ago, very cool.

Other thought were to allow a person to jump out of a helo to deploy, no more roping down, move cars out of the way, or smash thru walls.

But come on, why not use it to let some one walk who can not.

looks like those "power" suits on video games put an idea in some ones head

now that is some seriously cool shit lol, ii feel a terminator vibe, you know one of them things is gunna go rogue