Shotgun to the Pie Hole

16 sec

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This genius put a pistol grip shotgun right up to his yap to aim and pulls the trigger. The recoil bashes the back of the gun into his mouth, DUH. WTF did he think was gonna happen? Have fun at the dentist, I bet he filed that one under lesson learned.


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But, but, but.......he looks like he knows what he's doing with his tacti-cool vest and canteen!

LOL. He looks so suprised.

What a freakin RETARD!! Look at me im a hard ass looking through the sights of a pistol grip shotgun. To much power for that bro! What a dumbass. I want to punch him.

Who no's who this pro shooter is. I dont want him in leyden.LOL

If that was the first time with your 12guage why would I or anyone else think that it makes MORE sense for you to show this UNLESS IT WAS A BULLSEYE!!!! was it????

HOW OLD is this guy??? My gosh..I wonder if that was a bullseye...why didn't he finish his shots??


After his first time firing a shotgun, now he'll be able to get those rail-mount teeth he's always wanted for the ultimate tactical operator-ness cool factor. No more having to make entry orally with a toothbrush, just use the quick release cam lever and drop them from your mouth and use a MOLLE mounted rinse sink to sanitize them to the appropriate operation condition. Like tactical corn eating.


Rethinking that Tacticool PGO shotgun right about now... LOL.

And this, ladies, gentlemen, and mall-ninjas, is why shotguns have STOCKS. If you want compact, get a folding stock so you can shoot your gun properly.

that canteen will help rinse his teeth out of his mouth!

douchbag mall ninjas like him give us gunowners a bad name.

Dude I am so tacticool you have to capture this on video so I can impress chicks with my swat like tactics...

This happened the first time I was shooting 12 gauge.

It's not funny >:(


A real " Here, hold my beer. Watch this!" moment.

Look, a mall ninja

duh, which way did he go george? what we have here is a bonifide genius

He must work at VY.

The cruiser grip, camo paint job, tactical vest, canteen and all that shit really betray the fact that he knows nearly nothing about firearms. A real OPERATOR we have here.

"Are you filming" You mean am I about to capture you bashing you teeth through your stupid face? Yep, rolling!

and this is why you have a stock on a shotgun.

the leyden range looks like it is in good shape.

all that high speed gear and no skill, hurts dont it.