Cop Accidentally Fires Her Weapon

30 sec

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This cop almost kills their suspect and he partner when she accidentally fires a bullet inches from this guys head. I don't think her treating for donuts for a while will make up for this one.


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What's the big deal if she did blow the guys brains over her partner, its only a scum bag. looked like the scum bag was about to go for the cops gun HA HA !

What do want to bet, she used a Glock?

This woman is a poor example of an Officer. Thank God she did not kill her partner nor that poor subject on the ground. In reference to some of the posts, wathc the video again, the guy was not cuffed yet, that is why she was still in the cover position. She did horribly, but in theory, she was doing what she was supposed to. I guess she did not know how to put her finger outside the trigger guard. Not bright or possibly way to nervous for the profession. Regarding the person who posted 01/28/2008 1924hours, this is for you; Your are a stereotypical idiot, envious of all who wear the badge. Your quick to comment on how we all can't hold a job like you.......whats that.....some day labor after a night at a friends meth lab? Try working 12 hours + a day 5 days a week on a regular basis, no matter what the weather on a varying schedule, just to protect some uneducated moron like you....or your poor spouse that you most likely get into physical domestic disputes with. Try missing almost every holiday to stop a jerk like you from driving drunk and killing a family on the way home from your buddies trailer. Try saying goodbye to your spouse everyday, not knowing if some uneducated person such as yourself is angry enough, out an of obvious jealousy of our profession, to take our life. Try seeing the things we see, do the things we do (obviously you cannot, you were too much a coward to chose a career like us) and live the way we do. We do what we do because we enjoy the job and we are proud to PROTECT AND SERVE. We do what the weak, such as yourself cannot do. We lay our asses on the line each time the uniform goes on, because there is some stupid, trailer trash, hill-billy reject, like you, that has this piss poor image of Police Officers who wants to prove some sick point. Badge envy is a bitch. Don't be angry because you can't be one of us. You chose to be a loaf of Sh-t. God did not make you that way, nor did we. Remember the only one to blame for your next DUI or domestic abuse rap is yourself, you dumb a--. Don't hate us because we are the ones to take away your right to freedom when you do something stupid. PS. You are an idiot. The sad thing is, you may try to justify your stupidity with a reply, but no one gives a sh-t what you have to say. Remember, you have the right to remain silent, try to exercise this right because you only show the world how ignorant you are when you let your thoughts out. You idiot.

Nameless Sploder | Mon, 01/28/2008 - 19:24
you think thats bad go see what they do in russia,
and come on "you hide behind your badge and think you're tough because you carry a gun" thats BS you commie

Yeah accidents happen-easily. But no matter what anyone says you F&^*$ng cops are just too willing to exercise the unconstitutional authority given to you. Most of you couldnt earn a living like the rest of us, you hide behind your badge and think you're tough because you carry a gun. This video clip proves what moronic idiots you are.

Hell, the IAB will try to ge her on a hate crime, the city will deny that it was her gun, and that she was following policy to make sure that the white suspect did not intend on a complaint involving filing excesive force used by the shear nature of the big dude on his back. The big brother of a cop, with his knee firmly planted into the suspects spinal chord, is wondering what the bit_h was doing, and does this now mean that she is no longer avilable for booty call.

Female cops - what a joke.

dumb bitch

Shiat! Why was she pointing the gun at him still? Was she in fear of her life because of a guy laying down on the floor handcuffed? Darwin's theory almost reversed itself-only the stupid survive?

Chicks shouldnt be cops... enuff said... Sexist? Nope.. just fact.

It's called 'sympathetic squeeze', and is something officers are taught NOT to do, but occasionally still occurs. Just like when in a shooting situation, you're only as good as your worst day at the range, the philosophy loosely applies.

I had a near-identical incident occur in my job when I was working a pursuit for one officer, and in the midst of the chase, another officer with a very similar call-sign arrived on the scene. It was this second officer that drew his weapon, and during the ensuing scuffle his weapon fired, striking the bad guy in the head and continuing into the vest of the officer who initiated the pursuit. It was a glancing shot that struck the bad guy, so all he ended up with physically was a spiffy scar, one hell of a headache and a moderate loss of blood.

lol well i bet he is going to get off scot free now and with a shit load of money too

woman should have guns more often, and learn how to use them safely!

finger straight and off the trigger until you are ready to fire. The cop had him down no reason to point th fucken thing at the dude with your finger on the trigger.

Reno 911?

women shouldn t have guns