Training The Iraqi Army

24 sec

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Maybe pulling our guys out and handing over control to these guys isn't such a great idea just yet...


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this is so funny...what a bunch o wankers....i think they stopped the film because the guys just f......kin cracked up....jesus!!!

I feel SO much safer now! After watching these guys- they are about as coordinated as a cluster of retarded lemmings.

Yeah, they're lack of American gym classes means they're completely unfit to defend their country.
Seriously man, I wish I could find a website like this that isn't full of hollerin' rednecks.

Maybe they should start out by patting thier heads and rubbing their belly's.

HEY IT'S PROGRESS. but still hahaha

guy on the far end right, and third in. They really have NO idea WTH is going on.

wander what there moto is? be all you can be? nah, we'll take what ever we can get.

Funny stuff, really made me laugh.

is this for real?