Say Hello To The MP7

6 min 56 sec

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This is a clip from Future Weapons explaining the new MP7. It's a new hybrid with the size and manageability of a sub gun, but also packs the penetrating power of a rifle round.


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only at one point in this video did the muzzle of that MP7 swing in another person's direction: the cameraman's, during the part where he's explaining the compact size of the gun for use inside a vehicle. at that point, THE GUN WAS NOT LOADED. there was no mag in the gun, and i highly doubt an ex-navy seal is gonna leave a single round chambered in an automatic assault weapon, and go swinging it around like it was empty... you dumb fuck...

The one question I have is where does this over actor get off pointing a loaded weapon at another person???

gun safety 1 oh freeken 1, do NOT point a weapon at someone, control your muzzle direction!

cool gun too, but one other problem, is I have read the 9mm loads the mp5 takes are heavy loads, not just regulare pistol loads,a firend said shooting them out of a hand gun puts some serious flame out the end, and if you are going to show the efect of a mp5 a entry weapon, show i at close range, not at 50 yards

lol pellets and regular steel bb's are 4.5mm, the mp7 is 4.6...........
I'm no expert, but the stopping power must be low.....

The MP7 is an amazing firearm, we had access to one overseas, The MP7 has all three, semi, 3-shot and full auto. when you compare the rounds between the 5.56 and the 4.6 its like comparing a 7.62 to a 5.56. not only does it do some good damage its also extremely fun to shoot because after all, thats what really matters!

Short Answer - Yes.
Long Answer - You can see the select fire switch a few times in the video, hear him fire a fullyauto burst near the end, and assume from the "950 RPM" fact.
Also check out, some great information on the weapon (as well as everything else H&K).

yeah, but can it fire fully automatic? I would assume one of the goals is that it would be fully automatic, if they are truly trying to find a successor to the mp5.