Ted Nugent Has Some Words For Obama And Hillary

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Ted Nugent tells Obama and Hillary Clinton to suck on his machine guns!


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freedom, what a beautiful concept. to those of you who think it's free, let me wake you up. Hitler ,Stalin pol pot and many others feel first disarm, slowly if necessary, but gradually the withering away of what is real freedom, a gun, and the right to defend oneself against an agressor, be it criminal or government. this is the lng term objective of the Clintons, kennedy,schummers, feinstein, and many other liberal demon craps. I say demon crap cause they and the ACLU, or better put anti Christ liars union, are all in league, and have the idea of world gun control, as well as gun control in the USA. meaning they want yor freedom, and yur right to self protection. They feel they can protect you, better than you can protect yourself. I think that's all out bull shit. The government is self serving and when it taste power it wants more. Nothing corrupts more than un restrained power, and a government that no longer fears the wrath of it's people, can and will go amonk and eliminate all those rights you pathetic liberals take for granted. thats why the founding fathers made sure every able person could, and would bear arms if necessary. Not just for self defense, but to twart off criminals should it be necessary. After all, if you call dominoes for pizza delivery, and 911 for the police to assist you, chances are the pizza will be there before the cops, and these days the cops are overwhelmed with so called terrorist threats, why shouldn't the law abiding person have a carriers conceal weapon with them for their own safety.

Holy crap, that worked. YouTube won't let you speak your mind. Not your whole mind. I love this site!

Being able to own whatever you want is freedom, plain and simple. To those who say that you don't have to be able to own guns to have freedom have no remembrance of history. Every country that has had a gun ban in the past has had a subsequent slaughter, or at least massacre after the populous is disarmed. Having guns is not having freedom, and having freedom is not having guns, but having the freedom to have guns makes it far less likely for any government to trample the rest of your freedoms. If all guns were seized tomorrow, thus breaking the second (The right of the People to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.), fourth (The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated.), fifth (No private property be taken without just compensation) amendments, there's nothing left from having the government start infringing the rest. They've been slowly whittling away at everyone's rights over the past years, if you haven't noticed. Gun control was originally created to keep blacks, jews, and other minorities from having guns to defend themselves. Look at Warsaw; some of the jews there had illegal firearms, and they actually tried to stand up for themselves, and not go off quietly in the night to die in a camp.

The National Institute of Sciences have studied gun bans throughout history, including the '94 AWB by Clinton, and have found no link between them and a decrease in crime. That's not to say they prevent crime, no. With the majority of the populace unarmed, criminals are virtually free to pick and choose who they want to rob, rape, murder, beat, kidnap, or whatever they do, and they have their choice of when and where. Even when they don't have guns, they'll still use weapons. Bats, knives, clubs, chains, boards, rope, and whatever they can get their hands on. Noone has ever become a criminal simply because they're armed. Criminals are armed with whatever is best to defend themselves from their victims. Now, when they know their victims are armed well, or at least suspect it, there's much less chance of the targeted victims being victims of a violent crime. They don't even have to shoot to stay safer. Coming face to face with someone that could end your life if you don't turn around immediately is a sure way to stop crime. A criminal isn't likely to take a second to think it over, he's out of there. No crime committed, and probably no one hurt.

So instead of making firearms illegal because they're used in violence occasionally(I say occasionally because they're used for self defense far more, and that's great, as civilians have a far better ratio of hits on bad guys than collateral damage than police do), why don't we just make the violence illegal. Ok, it already is, but lets enforce the laws we have, and if a gun is used in a crime, we can treat it as a more major crime, but there's no reason anyone should be prosecuted with a felony because their little bit of metal and wood is shaped the wrong way.

Hey Ted are you endorsing anyone running for President, let me know. rsuor1@chartrer,net.

You people that want to ban guns can go to hell, damn bastards, +1 for Ted.

Amen Brother!!!

Semper Fi

Yea, those terrible guns that a bunch of revolutionaries used to give you the freedom to say whatever ya want, don't have nuthin to do with freedom... and you think we don't need them anymore? You have never had your freedom taken away, have you? Guess what those who would take it from you do first, before taking your freedom ...

Truly a pathetic human being. I like how he yells freedom at the end. Guns are so compelling to some people. Gun lover's minds are really skewed what freedom is.

he's outspoken but at least he makes a point.

Gun control is almost always less about guns and more about control.

i support The Nuge!

Ted pussied out when the draft called him for Vietnam service. He sit his pants.

What an idiot, owning machine guns equals freedom? So unnecessary, Red Dawn was only a movie...

Bigger than yours you little lib dem twat waffle!

He has bigger balls than all of you Liberal Democratic Pussies combined!

Wow... What a terrible, stupid, redneck site.

Don't forget to die in a cable modem fire mmmmkay ;)

lol what an idiot.

Tiny balls need big guns to be a man.