33 Rounds Underwater

2 min 13 sec

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This guy fires all 33 rounds from a high cap mag into a garbage can filled with water, and gets soaked in the process. Whats funny to me is that he keeps looking around to make sure he's not being watched, then he posts it on the internet.


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did you mike the barrel? was there any changes?

"They" don't want to take our guns because of this. "They" want to take our guns because "they" are afraid of armed citizens keeping "them" from gaining too much power. "They" know if we have guns, we can overthrow a tyrannical government. The gun control agenda is not for our safety, it's for "theirs".

You're absolutely right, and kudos to you for recognizing that.

"Let's see your M&P do that"... hilarious.

To all of you gun haters and shit talkers. One day it will be people like this and many others that I have read negative comments about leading the charge against tyranny. To know the limits of your weapon give you confidence.

Idiot...no wonder they want to take our guns away.

outstanding... o_O

What a tard.

Good to know i can shoot auqaman now, my ray gun didnt work underwater...

Wow! What a waste of ammo. And that poor gun in the hands of such an idiot.

Splish splasch I was taking a bath all on a saturday morn. Dumkoph!!!7MS

uh, it's the Sealed Ammo that Fires, my XD-40 works in water also, I don't have an M&P, so I can't speak for the S&W Crew
I live in the Country, so I don't have to worry about the Neighbors calling the Po Po, hell my neighbors have as many Guns as I do, and we have never been robbed, it sure is NICE having well armed and Caring Neighbors ; )

Looks like he is trying to masturbate.

If I could only watch one video on the internet for the rest of my life, this is the one I would watch.

Hey the City is going to be pissed man that's there can...

uhhhh....my m&p CAN do that...

Take that you Trashcan you...........


what about the troops serving in Afghanistan?
-Veteran of OEF 2002

9MM, you stud

yay :-/

You forgot to thank ALL troops. Quit making lame vids. TOOL

lol I've done that with my Ruger p-89 in a steel trash can full of water its fun!!!!

It just sounds like hes hitting the side of a garbage can

it should be known that a clock can do this, it's often tested

This guy is checking to make sure none of his neighbors are watching but I wonder if he realizes that guns make noize. Maybe they aren't watchin but I bet if you hear a gun go off 33 times you're going to call the cops. Especially in the city limits

To see if it would function or not.

We don't even get to see the rounds afterwards....... What was the point?