Roadside Fireworks Stand Blows Up

3 min 20 sec

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One of those crappy roadside fireworks places set a blaze! The patrons prolly got sick of all the wussy sparklers and smoke bombs and torched the joint.


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:owner: well it looked kool

ooohh the pretty fire works....@.@

i'm willing to bet that the guys to tokk this footage also set the fire to get this all started. none the less it is very amusing

Flag is simple to explain...The part of rope holding upper corner burnt through/broke causing it to hang from lower corner = upside down! half-mast similarly explainable

Drunk Indiain jealous reservation operator, thoought he was getting back at his wife, only he had the wrong address !

How did the flag go from flying high, to flying upside down and half mast. This is a fake or a setup: and an insult!

haha fuckin nsweet

rockets red glare, bombs bursting in air... our flag was still there.

Arson, mass endangerment...what else is in there?