Barrett .50 cal without muzzle break

39 sec

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Removing the muzzle brake from a 50cal rifle is probably not a good idea, demonstration by captian purple shoulder and his crew.


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Darwin wasn't working hard enough to remove this genius from the gene pool. That arrowhead muzzle brake is there for a reason, jackass.

he should take the same bet as the dumbass who took the 12g recoil to the nuts.

capt. Cool, and Mr. purple shoulder, liquid NUT

Not one but TWO future Darwin Award Nominees' The guy who took the muzzle brake off not only put his hand in front of a loaded .50 but Captian Purple shoulder had his hand on the grip and his finger and the safety WAS OFF the whole time!!!!

at the very end you can see the red muffs under his hood.

looks like none of them are wearing any ear or eye protection either

lol thats what a drunk collage kid can do to get his hand blown off!

...the flaming moron who put his hand in front of a loaded .50 cal.

That really doesn't look like a barret...

Prolly because these smart guys took off the muzzle brake. Thats the M99 single shot, bolt action, no magazine.

I don't know who's more stupid. The idiot who pulled the trigger or the flaming moron who put his hand in front of a loaded .50 cal.

Dumb asses.