AR15 Explodes In His Face

1 min 15 sec

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This guys gets a few miss fires and it looks like he had a round lodged in the barrel. When he fires again all the energy goes through the receiver and out the mag well, destroying his magazine and shaking him up a bit.


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Woah! Fuckin' shit!

Man your lucky...Always disassemble the weapon to assure everything is clear and clean before firing again after a jam. If the ammo are reloads, the wrong powder was probably used. Different powders burn at different rates. Powder for pistol ammo burns at a much faster rate and will cycle the bolt and carrier and the remaining burst will burts ot the mag well or out the discharge. Also watch for some ammo pulling out the primers. Shoot safe and good luck!!!

Ok, this guy isn't the brightest of bulbs. If it keeps jamming and you think something is stuck then for the love of god DON'T SHOOT IT OUT.

At least the cost for a new upper might teach him a lesson.

serves u right u dont even know how to work the gun

A strange incident. A dirty gun? Did bolt not go into full battery? That's what it looks like to me. SHIT HAPPENS der Baron

Bad ammo or bad weapon?

Bad ammo and bad safety practice by not checking the barrel after a misfire.

Wow, I have to say... that doesn't instill confidence in my AR15.

In the army we were trained to always make sure the barrel was clear before firing again after a misfire. The guy is lucky he did not maim or kill himself.

In the Army, that's called a "Pop and no kick"! Could be deadly to the shooter!